Master Real Estate Lead Generation

Learn in 1 Hour

How to Generate Buyer, Seller or Refinance Leads for $1-20 Each

Copy & Paste

Implementing is Easy too. Copy & Paste & Launch in Minutes

Sell & Refer Leads

You'll have the Skills to Sell or Refer Out Leads to other Pros

You Will Learn How to Generate

Buyer Leads

You will learn how to Generate Leads from people actively looking to Buy a Home. We will show you how to target people who are more serious and qualified as well

Seller Leads

We are going to show you how to Generate Actual Seller Leads. No Home Value stuff here! These are leads from people who respond to an Ad about SELLING

Cash Sellers

Ditch the hand-written signs and $50 per click strategies. You will get your hands on an Ad that Generates Motivated CASH SELLERS from people ready to move

Refi Leads

Say goodbye to leads focused on Rate-Shopping that are shared with 5-10 Lenders. You will generate Exclusive Refinance leads from people who ready to sign Docs

Branding Ads

Want to reach people for around a Penny or Two a piece that are actively looking to Buy or Sell? Maybe re-target your database? Stay in front of community ONLINE

Meet Your



Darren Johnson

  • Founder of AgentZip
  • Founder of ReferZip
  • Former Loan Officer
  • Worked for the Top Portals
  • Generated over 2 Million Leads
  • Created Agent Recruiting Funnels
  • Manages Millions per year in Ad Budgets
  • Featured in Real Estate at a Crossroads
  • Winner of MIT's COVID-19 Challenge
  • Multiple Award Winner for Leads & Marketing
Juan Gabriel Molina

Juan Gabriel Molina

  • Founder of EZ Lead Pages
  • Founder of RealClosers
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Worked at Top Tech Companies
  • Generated over 1 Million Leads
  • Created Lead Ad CRM Software
  • Builds Automated Cloud Software
  • Featured in Podcasts & Webinars
  • Created Ads used by Top Lead Providers
  • Multiple Award Winner for Leads & Marketing

Start Generating Leads

In about One Hour
15 Minutes

Setting Up Your Ads Account

Facebook Ads have been Generating Buyer, Seller and Refinance Leads for years now. The thing is, most people in Real Estate approach it all wrong and run ads that get low volume or low quality Leads. We show you the right way!

15 Minutes
30 Minutes

Creating Lead Magnet Ads

We will teach you exactly how to build a winning ad in just 30 Minutes. Our COPY / PASTE method makes it possible for anyone to start generating High Quality and High Volumes of Real Estate Leads

30 Minutes
15 Minutes

Connecting the Leads

We will show you how to connect the leads to your CRM, Email, and SMS notifications. You can also use this to send leads to other Agents/Team Members or run your Own Referral/Lead Company

15 Minutes

What Tools will I Need?

Facebook Ads

Takes about 5 Minutes to Set Up and the Account itself is free. The ads you run are charged by impression. Typically, $0.03 Per Person Reached

Zapier Account

In order to have your leads Emailed, Texted or sent to your CRM, you will need a Zapier account. a $20 monthly plan handles 375 Leads.

Typeform Account

A Free Typeform Account is optional, paid if you are advanced. Paid is $39 per month. This is useful for gathering survey style lead data beyond the Lead Forms