Real Estate Lead Generation Course

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10+ Videos

We include Video Walk-Throughs that enable you to look over our shoulders while we build Lead Ads. We explain and break down the elements, strategies and process throughout each Video

30+ Lessons

We provide interactive Lessons that enable you to go through Each Step and hover over Elements to see the explanation for each detail. It's like having a Post-It note for each detail or question you may have

5 Winning Ads

We have a Copy & Paste BLUEPRINT of 5 HIGH CONVERTING ADS. Buyers, Sellers, Cash Sellers, Refi and Branding Ad Templates. These Ads have been used to Generate MILLIONS of Leads.

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Building Lead AdsĀ 

In 15 Minutes we will show you how to Set Up your Ads account, create a page and starting building your first ad. We explain what Each Objective is, when and why to use each and what works the best in Real Estate

Winning StrategiesĀ 

Here will be building the ad itself. We go over the Targeting, The Ad Images and Ad the Text itself. Then we show you how to collect the leads instantly before a person visits your website. This method is used by 90% of the Lead Generation companies out there!

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Funnels & Delivery

Now that you have a Lead Magnet Ad up and running, you will need the leads to go to your Email, Phone, Spreadsheet and/or CRM. We will show you exactly how to connect the leads you are receiving to any system that you are using or want to use.

Learn Real Estate Lead Generation from the Best in the Business

Our Copy / Paste Method shows you exactly how to Build a High Converting Ad that Generates leads for 5, 10 or even 100x Less than you are paying right now. We are founded by 2 Real Estate Lead Company Founders that have generated Millions of Leads for Tens of Thousands of Agents. Learn exactly how to they Generate Buyer, Seller and Refinance Leads